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Our service area covers all kind of AC repair services like VRF Ac, Caset AC, Ductable AC, Cooler AC Services, deep fridge, commercial fridge, all branded fridge, water dispenser service, Television service, Geyser, Water Purifier, Microwave, Washing Machine and CCTV repaired and installation Service. Please make a call to us if you want a quick service for your home appliances. You may send an email detailing your issue. Our experts don't make delay in their work, one of our experts will soon ring the bell of your door. On each of our service, we give two months of warranty.





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AC Installation & Services

AC Repair

Ac installation in delhi

The skillful experts in our team try their hand in all kinds of AC problems

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TV Repair

Ac installation in delhi

The skillful experts in our team try their hand in all kinds of TV problems

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Gyser Repair

Ac installation in delhi

Our professional are expert in handling and sorting out all geyser problems

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Fridge Repair

Ac installation in delhi

We have a team of highly efficient refrigerator fridge repair professionals.

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Washing Machine Repair

Ac installation in delhi

We repair all kinds of damage issues and replace the old parts if necessary.

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Microwave Oven Repair

Ac installation in delhi

We corresponds with skillful mechanics of microwave repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+What is an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is a unit or a machine, which works on closed premises. It basically treats the air inside the room with the refrigeration cycle. It removes the hot air present in the room and replaces it with cold air that results in the decreased temperature of your room, home, office or workstation. It comes in multiple variants such as window, split, tower and centralizes. People have an option to purchase the air conditioner according to their requirements. The air conditioners are available in different capacities like 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton and many more according to the residential and commercial needs.

+Which AC service is good, normal wet or Jet Pump service?

There are two kinds of AC service, normal wet service and Jet Pump service. Both have their own speciality. Let’s see a glimpse of both the AC services:
Normal wet service: It involves cleaning of internal parts of AC’s internal parts like cleaning of filters and coils with the water pressure. If the AC unit is window based then we will clean it near the water body to achieve the best results.
Jet Pump Service: This AC service is based upon high air pressure up to 40Bar. In this service, we used to flush washing and cleaning AC coils. The tools in this type of service are compact, lightweight and provide unbeatable flushing performance. It is also known as Jet AC coil cleaning machine

+Why in every summer season, AC service essential?

Your AC unit whether it is widow, split, or tower required servicing every season before use. An air conditioner needs yearly basis servicing like your car for efficient performance. You should do this in the spring season before starting its use in the hottest summer, which increases its life and helps it for the best cooling in less power consumption.

AC units contain filters, coils, fins and other electrical and mechanical accessories which require regular yearly basis maintenance. If you ignore this Maintenance, you will see a decline in its performance and increased power consumption that will reflect in your electricity bill.

+How AC service creates a positive impact on your AC life?

Servicing your air conditioner is like you are greasing and taking care of its internal parts. Like a human body needs a regular health check-up to keep a body fit and fine. In the same way, an air conditioner unit requires regular maintenance.

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, fins work continuously in the summer season and stay non-functional in the other seasons. Sometimes they get jammed and get affected by dust particles which require to be cleaned before using it again. If you regularly maintain the inner parts of your air conditioner unit it automatically increases its performance and efficiency. Regular servicing and maintenance also increase the life cycle of your air conditioner unit.

+Why do I need a professional AC service?

Well, you will need professional service for your AC like us because our certified technicians inspect all aspects and internal parts to make sure that they all are working smoothly. They will check the airflow whether it is blocked or restricted. All this is because we want to ensure that our customers have to enjoy the coolness in the summer season.

Air conditioners are used only in the summer season so they may collect some dust and pollutants that block the smooth flow of air, so we offer AC service to clean the dust and debris which over time prevent your room or office from cooling. Our regular AC service can improve the life of your air conditioner.

Technicians in our professional AC service diagnose all your hidden issues in AC. so you can book an appointment with us by calling on our number.

+When my AC requires servicing?

There are the following signals you will get if you AC is demanding service like it is not cooling properly. If your electricity bill reflects more units as compared to normal days or it is creating noise while running. These all are signals when you can get an idea that your Air conditioner needs service. In our AC service, our technicians also ensure that your AC has sufficient cooling gas and check inner and outer units properly.

+How much time does your AC service take?

We offer our AC service based on a 90 minutes mechanism. This is an average time, if our technician found some other serious issues, they will let you know about the upcoming consequences. In this situation, our service time may exceed and require some more time.

If required, how will I get the additional spare parts or material? Our installation experts will assist you in this situation. They can arrange the additional required material that is required. We will provide a proper invoice and transparent bill of our service and collect the payment from you. Alternatively, if you want to arrange all the material by yourself, you could arrange all the material prior to the appointment.

+How can I use my AC with full efficiency?

To enhance the efficiency and life of AC, you need to do the following things like using it when required, try to keep it clean, regular servicing etc. These small things can improve the efficiency and life of your AC and provide the best cooling to you. For AC service, you can prefer our AC repair and service in Delhi and book an appointment with our technicians

+What exactly do you cover in the minimum visiting charge?

Our minimum visiting charge contains inspection of your air conditioner and understanding the exact problem of your AC and suggest you take proper measure by finding the root cause of your AC problem. After inspection, we will let you know the estimated budget and time. You can decide whether you need the service or not.

+What will you do with your AC servicing?

In our Ac service, the team of technicians clean the dust and debris from the coils, filters, condenser, evaporator coil and other important parts. In split AC the condenser coils are present in the outdoor unit, so also manage to clean them.

+Does AC service require to be done every year?

Your air conditioner unit is similar to the car. Like your car needs regular maintenance and service for proper functioning, in the same way, your home or office air conditioner requires regular maintenance service that helps it to work with full efficiency and increase its life cycle. You can also hire us for our AMC services for regular and annual maintenance. you just need to pay once to get benefits all year.

+How can I reset my window AC unit?

Find the reset button located near the power cord for 5 seconds. Then wait for 10 minutes for your AC to work it through reset operation. After getting your AC reset, turn the AC cooling dial down to start the compressor motor. By doing so, your AC will start functioning properly, if not then you can contact us and book an appointment with our experienced technicians.

+Why does Gas from your AC leaks?

There is a various reason for gas leakage from your AC like vibration, which tends the refrigerant line together. When the evaporating oil or condensing coin corrodes by reacting with the atmosphere, it may also lead to leaking the gas.

+Which AC should I purchase, window or split AC?

A single AC is ideal for a room up to 200 sq feet. If your room has space but you are constrained on a budget then you should opt for window AC. Its installation is quite simple and does not require any renovation in a room. While on the other hand, split AC offers you quieter operations but it is costlier and requires additional cost for installation. This is the basic difference. You can check your room requirements and buy a perfect AC for your home.

+What are the advantages of window AC?

If we talk about window AC, it has its own advantages when compared to a split AC. First of all, it requires less space and can be fixed in any window with the support of the wall. You don’t have to change or do any structural changes in your room. It is comparatively less expensive and energy-efficient as compared to the Split AC.

+Where should I install a window AC??

Window AC should be installed a minimum of 5 feet high from the floor. There should be enough distance between the AC and its users because the air draft from the unit does not hit directly to the users.

+For which problems should I call AC repair and service?

Our experienced technicians offer AC service for all air conditioner related issues, which are as follows:
● AC is not switching ● Moisture around the AC unit
● Less cooling ● Water leakage ● Problem in condenser ● AC blowing hot air ● Pungent smell
● Strange noise ● Compressor issue ● Many others

+What are the benefits of your AMC (Annual Maintenance Service)?

Our annual maintenance service plan helps in decreasing the cost of expensive maintenance and reducing your electricity bills. We regularly perform inspection drives in which we check important parts of your AC such as coils, blowers, supply line, compressor motor and many more which are essential for the proper functioning of your air conditioning. In case we find any fault or any damage, it can be fixed in the early stage before creating a serious issue that costs you more in terms of money or budget.Our annual maintenance service plan helps in decreasing the cost of expensive maintenance and reducing your electricity bills. We regularly perform inspection drives in which we check important parts of your AC such as coils, blowers, supply line, compressor motor and many more which are essential for the proper functioning of your air conditioning. In case we find any fault or any damage, it can be fixed in the early stage before creating a serious issue that costs you more in terms of money or budget.

+Which factors do I need to discuss while hiring AC service?

While hiring any AC repair and service, the following factor you should discuss:
● Type of issue ● Type of AC ● Warranty ● The capacity of the AC ● AC Service charges ● Brand of the AC
● Mode of payment ● Others queries as per your requirement

+Why should I go with your annual maintenance plan for my office or home AC?

Our AMC plans or services give you complete peace of mind that help your AC to improve their life cycle. You can sit in relax mode by using our AMC plan that reduces the cost of your maintenance and the opportunity to use your AC with its full potential.

+What issues are not covered in your AMC plans?

AMC plans do not cover the following parts:
● Cabinet of the outdoor unit ● Remote handset
● Colour coating at the top and bottom ● Sheet metal parts ● Rubber components ● Plastic parts ● Any styling decorative material ● Front grill ● Stabilizer

+When will I be in need of your AC service?

If the manufacturer warranty of your AC has expired and is not covered with any existing AMC plan then you can call us for same-day service at your doorstep. You can buy our AMC plan, which will be valid for a year and includes various benefits. You can also opt for only one time AC service in Delhi for making your air conditioner fully functional.

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